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All that you need to is to check our women clothing collection waist shaper and you can be sure we will give you the best deal. We also handle the shipping part on your behalf so that you can pick your clothes in your desired destination. At waist shaper, we offer a wide range of women clothing so that our customers can get all that they need under one roof. 


We have all types of coats and jackets, tops, jeans, bottoms and as well as the intimates in different sizes and designs. Our collection of tops includes going out tops, casual tops, new tops, basic tops, bodysuits and off the shoulder tops among others. When it comes to jeans, our collection includes ripped jeans, statement jeans, skinny jeans, high-waist jeans and other new jeans. For women who love coats and jackets, we have a wide collection of bombers, denim jackets, anoraks and other new designs of jackets. Our collection of bottoms includes pants, leggings, skirts, and shorts among others. At waist shaper, we also offer hot deals on intimates such as bras and bralettes, panties and lingerie accessories among others. For women who love dresses, we have a collection of all sorts of dresses to fit your formal and casual dressing needs. 


There is every reason why you should shop for your clothes at our stores. One, all our women’s clothing collection are designed and produced in reference to the fashion needs of a modern woman.


This means that all our clothes are on point and will make you stand out among your peers.

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Dangers to Your Health from Being over Weight- MEASURING YOUR WAIST

Waistline fat stances much more well-being risks than fats put away somewhere else. Men who have a waist bigger than 40 inches and ladies who have the waist bigger than 35 inches have abundance waistline fat and are viewed as stout.


Dangers to Your Health from Being over Weight


Flow investigations demonstrate that only a 10% decrease in your body weight can reduce your well-being dangers and enhance any present medicinal conditions extensively.


By being overweight or large, you are expanding your danger of building up the accompanying medical issues:

Sort II Diabetes,


Elevated Cholesterol,

Coronary Heart Disease,

A few Cancers,

Menstrual intricacies,

Pregnancy intricacies,


Back torment,

Joint inflammation and versatility issues,

Rankle bladder malady,

Increment reliance on meds,

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Full Meaning of Women Waist- Confusing Parts of The Human Body

The term waist is derived from the Old English term “waist” meaning growth. There are similar terms in many other old languages of the west. And for some reason, this origin makes a lot of sense.


The waist begins below your rib cage. Now the rib cage goes lower than you might think. If you go to a tailor for measurements, they'll measure it just below your lowest rib and the iliac crest (the highest point where your hip meets your waist) after you have breathed out normally. Just look for the crease formed by your hip when you bend sideways with your legs joined together. For women, this area is just above the belly button. However, it may vary slightly from one person to another.


From this, you can see that it is also the narrowest part of the upper body. However, this is the natural waistline. The actual waistline may not be the narrowest part of the torso, but seemingly the exact opposite of it.


This brings us to another important aspect about waists that is also related to our health.

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How Does Your Waist Size Determine Your Health?

What would it be like if someone starts measuring your waist to determine your health status? That sure is going to happen soon. The waist is a part of the body that divides the body into two sections, and is slightly narrower than the hips. When you keep your thumb at the lowest rib and your index finger on your hip girdle, the area in between that makes the waist. It is a soft and fleshy part of your upper torso and ideally is the narrowest part of it.


To correctly measure the waist, you should roll up your clothing so that measuring tape is in direct contact with your skin. Exhale while taking the measurement. The tape should fit tightly around your waist but shouldn't dig in.


Ideally, your waist size should be no more than half of your height. So, for example, your height is 5' 9'' then your waist circumference should be no more than 34.5 inches. A waist circumference greater than that puts you at a risk of various health issues such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome.


Those with a larger waist circumference as compared to the hip circumference are at a risk of various cardiovascular disorders. A study was done using 650,000 participants in which their waist circumference was compared.


It revealed that women with a waist circumference higher than 37.5 inches are at a higher risk of early death by 80°54: than those whose waist circumference is lower than 37.5 inches.

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Waist Cincher – Facts and Tips on The Use of a Waist Cincher in Waist Training

Have you had a problem training your waist to attain the hourglass shape? You might have tried different exercises like running, jogging sit-ups and even weight lifting. Well, that is awesome and yes it helps a lot in burning fat and reducing weight significantly. Furthermore, you must have heard about the use of a waist cincher in waist training. Maybe you are thinking of purchasing one to aid your waist training efforts or perhaps, you have one already in your wardrobe.


Well, a waist cincher is undoubtedly a great accessory that helps many people train their waists and achieve a lovely tiny waist. In fact, a waist clincher is designed in the manner that it helps in pulling your waistline and flattening the tummy. There are different types of waist cinchers available in the market currently from which you can choose from depending on your target.

Actually, they are available in different designs, colors, and compression levels.

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