To Shape or Not to Shape Where is the Question

The market for clothing to camouflage some of our less fine points - and to do so while being undetectable to the casual observer - has been gaining steady traction over the last decade. Many companies now offer undergarments that focus on both flattery and comfort; this has resulted in a bit of a market saturation', where one is spoiled for choice - but therefore doesn't know how to choose.


Many still think brown, old-fashioned and excruciating when considering a purchase in this department. That being said, the clothing line has moved on considerably since the 199os due to technology and improvements to the material, and if a person knows where to look they can walk away with garments that give the desired figure and level of comfort without breaking the bank.


Reviews are available by a number of distributors online, and it's probably best to go into the industry as a whole - its uses, abuses, and pitfalls - before we get stuck into any individual product.

Some of the biggest companies putting out shapewear include the original Nancy Ganz, Spanx, Naomi and Nicole, and Bali. These companies - and much more - offer a range of clothing from tights, bras, camisoles and panties - all the way to the once-dreaded-but-now-manageable body suit. Each piece of clothing obviously has its own purpose - for instance, tights are meant to target thighs, hips, rear and waist; body suits target the stomach and hips, this while minimizing the chest. Camisoles, further, are meant to stop unwanted bulging in the lower hips, as well as prevent the loss of curves caused by bra straps.


New products, such as dresses with shaping components built in, have been on the market for several years now, and offer an all-in-one style that may work better if heading out on a date and expect a possibility that the dress may come off at some point before you say good night.


The most important thing to consider before buying shapewear is not to try to step down' a dress size by using it. Looking little slimmer matters very little if you can't breathe, and most experts advise buyers to purchase in their regular size; after all, you're trying to add accents to your silhouette, not look like a completely different person. On that note, buy shapewear with the areas you want to target and leave the rest to nature -


why run to the bathroom to remove a bust-inducing bra you don't need? When you think, you've found the right addition to your wardrobe, always perform a sit-down' test before you purchase. The body has the fun tendency to peek out in different ways when you're at rest, and no one wants everyone at the table to be staring at a piece of fabric or flesh that wouldn't be there if you weren't wearing the garment in the first place.


Now knowing what you know - that everyone’s body style has specific needs - we can get stuck into a few of the highest reviewed items now on the market, and give a little bit of a hint on who they're for.


1. TU is a beginner's line that offers a range of ideas at budget prices. If you’re in Britain, you can purchase a pair of their form-fit leggings for a mere £10 at Sainsbury's, or online via Amazon.


2. H&M merchandise is available in some form nearly everywhere in the world, from low-to-mid range as far as price.

They offer a shaping bodysuit for around 30 dollars, a steal in comparison to some of the competing brands.

3. If you're looking for something with sex appeal as well as function - and want to focus on that difficult midriff - you can go for something like Cosabella's shaper thong, which includes a lace band that provides subtle strokes to this problem area while being comfortable enough to wear every day. You can slide sexily away with this little number for around $65.


4. Finally, Maidenform offers a torso bodysuit that’s meant to give that hourglass figure, this while enabling you to use your own bra - all this for around 40-50 dollars.


As we all know, our bodies are unique. That tight pair of jeans may look great on our 20-year-old niece, but may not make the same statement if you wore them in a casual summer saunter down the street.

if you take anything away from this article, it's the appreciation you should have for the good things your body has to offer.

If you need a bit of help, take your time, try a few things on, and don't buy if it hurts!

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